A day by the River…

Downtown Omaha, NE taking many pictures from the banks of the Mighty Mo’ and I fell in love with this beach, if you will. It was an edge of water, small little waves and ripples here and there. So what there were many versions of icebergs floating down the river. There was no titanic close by.

There were ducks, people, paint ballers, geese, and a lot of cold. It was a cloudy day filled with sounds of laughter from the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge and the hum of cars over the 480 Interstate. At times I forgot I was tucked in between the two cities.

I loved this day because I was able to find the little things people don’t see. The masculine top of the bridge with its strong bolts and cables as well as the beauty of the dormant forrest next to Playland Park.

There are some edited photos in this collection.







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