Bemis Park

Cold Cloudy Day. Sound Familiar? Well, it was November 17th 2013 and I decided to venture out and get some more shots. Surprise! Surprise!

I looked all over town and I eventually landed in Bemis Park. This park has a lot of history for me as it was the closest park to the last house I lived in with my father. Closest park to my first school, Walnut Hill, and the furthest I would walk to on Halloween nights as a young child.

If you don’t know this park, it has a gorgeous fountain that is on in the warmer months and it also serves as a MUD reservoir. I decided on this park because I was feeling nostalgic on this day for the above reasons, but I had to feed my need. Taking pictures.

I started with the signs, and never looked back. There was a great variety of items to focus on, so I didn’t hesitate. My favorite parts were the trees with the little red berries and the boulevard and it’s symmetry. What are your favorites?

(P.S. The Louis Bar was closing, and I had to snap one of the sign. You will be missed)


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