Today…was nice. I was able to go to the junk/salvage yard and have no need to pull anything. I just wanted to take pics. See, I love cars. Everything about them. Their sounds, colors, accessories, power and most importantly, their stories. Why is this car in here? Was it an abandoned car that no one loved anymore? Or did Grandma pass and no one wanted to take claim to her estate vehicle? Was it a crazy young driver going to fast and lost control? Or did a fire make the plastic melt and the interior just be remnants of what the car was originally and now it’s a wire frame every where the eye can see.

None the less, I wanted to show people what a junk yard truly is. Old cars, no matter their origin, ending here. In Omaha, NE south of 60th and Q streets in the U-Pull-It yard.

Cars are separated in 4 categories. Imports: Nissan, BMWs, Jaguars, Mazda, Kia, General Motors (GM): like Chevy, GMC, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, etc. Then there was Ford which has Mercury, Lincoln, Ford. and finally Mopar: Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth.

It always interesting to see people, pulling tires, motors and transmission parts. Or little things like the window switch that no longer works on the passenger side. Whatever you need, if you have a common car, you could fix it here, very cheaply, mind you.. and then leave with the satisfaction that you stuck it to the ‘man’, worked on your own ride and saved some bucks.

What I liked most about today, was looking for the iconic manufacturer logos while displaying exactly what happens and what you see there.

Today was a clear yet crisp cool day, so the shots were well lit and easy to come by. I really enjoyed taking these and I hope you do too. None of these have been edited…yet. 🙂

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