First 2014 Cookout

It’s the weekend. It’s well into the high 70s, and given the fact that I can see a grill and know that the Huskers are playing their spring game today, I know one this is for certain. Spring is here and Summer is close.

I was at my close friends Chad and Audrey’s house. Beer, music, chairs in the drive, grill being prepped and the house providing shade from the warm April day.

There is nothing I love more than letting lose, having fun with friends and the smell of delicious food on the grill. Today it was beer chicken, Busch Light (Don’t Judge)…, beer pong and laughter. There may or not have been a black stetson hat worn by yours truly fitted with two FULL cans of beer that you drink through a straw…..twice….and there may or may not be video of said act. If you know me… I get down… (-:

Watching all the beautiful couples that came, I decided to try to sneak some pics of them since I carry my camera with me. Well, as a dude as big of me could be sneaky. Needless to say, these people were fun and just what I needed. I have beautiful friends…inside and out.

Enjoy.. I know I did this day.

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