OPPD Arboretum

On this day it was freezing. I had finally accepted my new addiction..taking pictures. I pull into the parking lot to see another photo session taking place. Cute couple, a few kids and everyone was smiling into the camera. I thought, wow, I’m not the only crazy one.

This arboretum is tucked back off 108th and Blondo here in Omaha. There is a great trail, all types of trees and shrubs for your fancy and a nice little wooded creek to entertain. I decided to enjoy all the above.

I felt daring today. Seeing the other photo shoot thinking, maybe I can get there. Maybe one day someone will actually pay me for my talent, my love,…my addiction.  But that wasn’t my point today, my point to learn, experiment and try the filters, try the macros, try the new lenses. I was flabbergasted with the Macros. They see things we can’t and in a whole new way.

As always..Enjoy.

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