Nebraskan Oasis

Today was.. a tough and trying day. I felt like I was wondering in the desert. Lost, contemplative, hurt, alone, searching, looking, yearning, mad at the situation, loving and mostly…Superfluous. I felt unnoticed and disposable. Unimportant.  I’m not here to complain, I am here to express.

I was just driving around after soaking up some conversation, company and coffee from Jimmy’s Egg. I thought that would have done the trick to get out of my funk, but alas…Per ‘usge’.. I was wrong.

As I was drove down a gravel road, feeling the way I did, as in the weight of the world was on my shoulders and I couldn’t find my way out of this badland.. I became that drunk Bedouin who looked over and over and over the sand dunes looking for salvation and spotted this Oasis. A Northern Star, a shining thing to distract me, to change my direction. Just what I needed. So, as any good captain, I steered in that direction and drank from this Oasis.

Now this Oasis was not your proverbial one, It was the pure definition of a Nebraskan version. Corn taller than me, muddy gravel road, a windmill and old sun-beaten barn and out buildings.  The crops and rolling hills were my dunes of sand. They went on and on. The rust, the wood, the crows in the corn, the sounds of the ‘country’ were plentiful. I soaked this all in thinking about the farming family, who built and owned this. For how long? Was someone hurt? Was there one of those endearing Father son moments around the rusty old Chevy help build this ‘oasis’? Who knows, and quite frankly, I’ll never know.

None the less, today..I drank from this Oasis and became drunk from it. I needed this drink and I wanted to share my ‘shots’ of this Nebraskan Oasis with you.

As always. Enjoy.

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